Game-Changing Communication Training For Your Team

Why Innovation in Learning to Speak is So Important

Stay On-Message

All employees need consistent, on-message communication in their interactions with customers.

Keep Up with Change

Fast moving changes in the business environment require quick, continuous training for staff.

Prepare for Success

Speaking practice and repetition are essential to master role-based skills for common situations and tasks.

How Fluency Speak Works

  • 1
    Break down a skill into discreet components to learn
  • 2
    Receive feedback and coaching to improve
  • 3
    Develop skill mastery with practice

Why Fluency Speak Works

To be honest, I thought that Fluency Speak would be just the same as the other unsuccessful and ineffective training programs. But no, I was wrong; I was impressed throughout my whole experience. Fluency Speak is really a game changer for training programs.
Lead Trainer, Onboarding Programs
Corporate Call Center, Philippines
  • Speaking skills are optimized by role, quantified, and tracked
  • Employees understand and master the skills they need
  • Trainers align learning with workplace roles, tasks or situations
  • Managers measure staff progress, competencies, and skill levels
  • HR plans and manages the skills inventory across the organization
  • Employees have a safe place to practice, improve their abilities, and build confidence

Deliver Impactful Learning

  • Microlearning
    • Easily useable in bite-sized pieces
    • Increase learner engagement
    • Improve performance
  • Virtual Coaching
    • Observe workplace skills easily
    • Provide actionable feedback
    • Improve performance
  • Peer & Social Learning
    • Learning from their peers is the number one choice of employees
    • Creates a friendly virtual learner community
    • Enables easy sharing and viewing of best practices

Boost Training Effectiveness

  • Skill Development
    • Easily fits into existing training
    • Users and managers see immediate improvement
    • Builds confidence in ability to acquire and use new skills
  • Assess & Certify
    • Easily create and deploy skills assessment
    • Aligns effectively with job functions and roles
    • Measures performance improvement and identifies future training opportunities
  • Run & Track Reports
    • Measure and track engagement and impact
    • Receive data that quantifies individual and department progress
    • Gauge overall Return on Investment (ROI)

Platform Features

Video Roleplay
Leader board and
Mobile UI
  • Microlearning
  • Just-in-Time Training
  • Interactive Video Role Play
  • SSO (Single Sign On)
  • Virtual Coaching
  • Assess & Certify
  • Social Video Platform
  • SaaS
  • Skill Development
  • Run Reports & Track Progress
  • Global Languages
  • Secure

Some of the organizations using the platform for training:

Fluency Group Proven Record of Success

  • 340,000people have taken our tests

  • The U.S. Government incorporated FluencyTest in the hiring of120,000new employees

  • 140,000learners using our platform capabilities

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